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Sunday, June 25, 2006


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gary cruse

"Why does the Times find it acceptable to publish stories revealing information it admits is classified?"

Because the administration has demonstrated, ala Sandy Berger et al, that the executive does not have the cajones to enforce laws that do not arise directly from the Commerce clause. Granted, that is a diminishing sector.

My anger at the treasonous media outing classified material has a counterpart in my disgust with Bush retroactively classifying information going back to the admininstration of his father, which is not only anally retentive but smacks of despotism.

I'd like to see President Bush be as interested in expanding liberty at home as he is abroad and as eager to alienate domestic opponents as he is our allies.

God, I'd love to see Newt in the White House.

California Yankee

Thanks Kip. The correct article is now linked.


You seem to have linked to the wrong article.

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