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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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I know you had to work really hard to craft a new headline for a Stamford Advocate piece and make a sweeping conclusion about it, but if you had spent 3 1/2 minutes doing any original research of your own, you would have found that LIEBERMAN has more out-of-state donors than Lamont.

I look forward to your follow up article in which you will conclude that Lieberman is more out of touch with CT voters and Lamont is now heading to a primary victory. Can we expect that today, or do you need the Stamford Advocate to do the research first?


And close to 80% of Joe Lieberman's money comes from out of state.


Do some basic research first.

Lieberman has also gotten over $2 million from Lawyers/lobbyists. Lamont? $0.


Blue Neponset

It seems Joe Lieberman recieves almost 80% of his financial support form out of state sources. I can't post the link but if you go to opensecrets.org you can see the numbers. You can also go to Taegan Goddard's site PoliticalWire.com to see a link to the numbers.

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