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Monday, September 25, 2006


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California Yankee

Matt has it exactly right. Thanks Matt!


There's nothing in the story claiming he wargamed 9/11. It says that, before committing himself and his country to fight alongside the US in the Global War on Terror, Musharraf wargamed a potential armed conflict with the US. He wanted to see if, should he refuse to join the war, he could survive a military engagement with us. The result of the wargame said he had no chance.

Nada in there about wargaming 9/11.

Old Atlantic

Musharraf is telling us he wargamed 9-11 before it happened? He was the great general who wargamed the attack on America before it happened, not bin Laden? Is that what this book is about? Is that the ego he needs to stroke while he is still alive? Does he want people in Pakistan to believe that so as to think of him as the greatest general since Saladin?

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