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Friday, October 13, 2006


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Tom from Madison

The constant unchallenged criticism of all things liberal is getting quite hackneyed. It's hard to argue that Democrats would mess things up more than Bush has done already. He's spending money without any discipline and without any regard for what the facts are in Iraq. He's also been a disaster for civil rights. I doubt you would entrust Hilary Clinton with the kind of power George Bush has now. If our constitution is to mean anything at all, Presidential power needs to be reined in.

Worse, he owes his election to come very corrupt people. Guys like Ken Lay, Jack Abramoff, and a host of other corrupt Republicans have been heaping debt on future generations and perpetuating a patronage-style government. Responsible Republicans are hoping for defeat in the mid-term elections and a reversal of course in foreign policy. Bush has been a disaster for all Americans, liberal and conservative.


The field of Democrats sure looks digusting. America must NOT elect any of them to high office. We don't need more liberals elected to screw up the country, we need LESS!

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