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Sunday, March 04, 2007


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Leon J Karvelis Jr

While I can understand the frustration proponents feel about Super 7, it is hardly the solution that will resolve this region's transportation problems. Instead, Metro-North and the towns affected must change the Danbury-Norwalk spur into a real passenger-freight rail line. The Toonerville Trolley approach of the last 100 years on this line, with its antiquated equipment, lousy schedules and poor railbed design are pushing people and freight onto Route 7. Turning Fairfield County into LA County is not an acceptable solution. I can assure you that Wilton will be joined by Redding and Ridgefield in fighting a Super 7 extension as far as necessary to kill this polluting, visual eyesore once and for all. You should encourage the state to use the roadway right of way that it owns to upgrade and modernize the RR spur and extend it to New Milford to make it a true economic asset to this region, rather than a sparsely used slow ride to NYC. And you are right in one respect: the towns should create ample low-cost parking space for all so that they can abandon their vehicles and use mass transit efficiently.

bird dog

Almost always agree with you, but I think you are wrong on this. Expanding roads expands development. If people don't want more development in their area, the best way to do it is to stop highways. The only reason northwest CT is lovely is that Super 7 was blocked. Remember the "Long Island Expressway Effect": new highways will fill to capacity in 10 years. My opinion is that the folks of Wilton and Redding are acting in the fine, cranky, Yankee way.


MORE gridlocked? Is this possible?

Build it. Please.


Super 7 should have been built long ago. It's crazy that Wilton can keep stopping the road. Wilton only allows multi-acre zoning throughout most of its town. So property there is very expensive. Hey, it's their right to set the zoning regs I guess. But then Wilton tries to stop people from driving through, after those people are priced out of the Wilton market. Heck, maybe the poor could take the train. Oh, except Wilton won't allow non Wiltonians to park there.

Wilton would rather not be surrounded by other towns I guess.

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