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Friday, March 16, 2007


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Sounds Interesting....


i agree


the facts are a very stubborn thing

Walter E. Wallis

The problems at Walter Reed were primarily chickenshit, and we all know the patron saint of chickenshit is the democrat party.
And we all know Plame was not covert within the law. just wait until some democrat is charged with a crime that is not really a crime, ut almost.

jay hariton

It's great to know that Sean Hannity is the final word on TRUTH. What flavor Kool Aid is the administration distrbuting this week. I hope it's strong they have a great deal to be in denial about this week. Do you have Karl Rove on speed dial? I'm sure Mr. Hannity and his friend in the administration have already begun the investigation to proove that Walter Reed and the Justice Dapartment scandals are the fault of the far-left and the liberal media.As someone who I know very well has said many time "the facts are a very stubborn thing" . I think it's time for him to begin to listen to his own advise.

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