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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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No Oil for Pacifists

Fineman's right--talk radio didn't take off until the miss-named Fairness doctrine was abolished: no station could have afforded an endless free right to oppose. As you say, in the now free-flowing radio industry, conservative voices have far higher raitings--liberals never came close in the marketplace of ideas (e.g., Cuomo, Hightower, Air America). But it's not so much that Pelosi et al would "mandate that extremist left wing views be forced upon us." Rather, they would rather revert to no debate than allow arguments they don't know how to win. So the attempt to revive the Fairness doctrine parallels the left's half-century of ducking representative government and popular sovereignty by end-running political issues to the Federal Courts.

And they call all this "progressive."

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