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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


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I was in Europe several times over the last couple of years. I spoke my mind on the war as I talked to people from Belgium to France. Was I out of line?

I don't recall Thompson stating he was proposing US positions. I didn't see where he says he was part of any government envoy.

Your comments are dangerously close to advocating revoking freedom of speach. I would hope your feelings on the war don't overshadow the basic rights our country is founded on.

His comments were said as a citizen. They were picked up because he could run for President. If I think I might run for President does that remove my freedom of speach?

My caution to you, be careful you don't become that which you fight against. I would be curious to know why you think he should not be able to excersise free speach if he did not present it as US policy? As I said, I have been to Europe several times. Can you tell me what would be acceptable in your book for me to talk about, or what I shouldn't talk about, as a private citizen and why?


Fred sure knows about "The War"! It is not just Iraq, it is the whole world! Here he describes how we first attack Iran, like with a blockade. Now, that's war. That will get them starving. Then when they attack anybody they can, say, Israel, we nuke them. That will set up some other countries mad at the US and we can nuke them, too.

With the blockade we have to have the resolve to sink any ships that get close, no matter what flag they have or what cargo they have. That will get the world cooperating!! A seige overland should be done also. Otherwise, some do-gooders will be smuggling in food.

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I'm disappointed by Thompson's comments. I expected him to be more than just a "smart Bush." I speak to Europeans on a daily basis. Their opposition to the Iraq War stems from the fact that they think it was an oil grab and that the war was handled completely incompetently and they are definetely right about the latter. Rumsfeld said this would be a quick war several years ago.

A disappointing start for things to come from Thompson.


Who the hell does this guy think he is going to London and making statements about foreign policy? Last time I checked he was only a private citizen and he cleary has no authority to do so. He is out of line. WAY out of line.

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