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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


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And worse yet, in a late breaking development, it appears that Chief Jarman's memory is as bad as her judgement. While claiming to the media that there has never been a crew complaint about the parade before, a memo has surfaced which reveals the contrary.

It seems that a FEMALE fire captain COMPLAINED ABOUT LAST YEAR'S PRIDE PARADE through the official channels that she had received not only complaints from her crew about harrassment, but also received "harrassing sexually explicit material" on the doorstep of the fire station as a result of being in the gay pride parade.

So she suggested to the department LAST YEAR that in the future they use off duty or volunteer personnel with out of service vehicles in order to avoid unwanted attention or sexually explicit brochures sent to the workplace.

The actual document is linked below.
The reporting source is http://www.voiceofsandiego.com/articles/2007/08/11/this_just_in/182complainttwo080907.txt

So even though this exact situation has happened before, the fire chief chose to ignore the female captain's written complaint and announce to the media that there had never been a complaint before and that those firemen could have 'stepped up to the plate' for this 'really fun event'.

So really these firemen have no choice but to sue. If the City is smart, they will not only apologize and pay up, they will replace this idiot chief immediately.


Layla Elizabeth

Did you see Layla's [pretend] Court? Check it out it deals with this matter and more. That Fire Chief is a real piece of work!

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