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Saturday, August 11, 2007


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mullah cimoc

mullah cimoc say please my frends of america. Do not let joy of happiness cloud duty to those who have suffered so much in the land of the believing monotheists.

We hope you can investigation to this:

1. Who start this war? How originate? In Waziristan in the madrassa they tell us of the neocon group of shatan people. We hope you them all stoned at your local soccer stadium.

2. whence came from the false stories called as the faked WMD intel? To let these planters of disinformation escape would be unjust to the memory of your Dr. Benjamin Franklin. What nation statelet provide middle east intel to u.s.a. of america ? Nek Mohammed say israeli. Please let us know yuor true answer.

3. Is true neocon group are 99% jhovah witness church? Or maybe a different church but we are told they come from one group of evil doing persons. Please find this out and punish the guilty.

Please send navy seal team 7 to pakistan so that they may continue their torture technique on our traitor president mursharaff. In Urdu “musharaff” to mean eater of dung of white man.

Please also prepare registery of u.s.a. torturers so that these soul may receive treatment and medicine to cure their brains of these evil acts. What if they returned to your nation and became police or gym teachers. This is too dangerous in truth for amreika. Pls set up computer list and make have chips implanted in head so they can be tracked and treated.

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