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Monday, October 29, 2007


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Mike Volpe

There are several things that I want to say here. First, whenever people that I refer to as outsiders (those outside the party and ideology) do any analysis it is almost always the worst kind of analysis. Thus, this piece is not unsurprising in its misanalysis, and besides it is really just a hit piece looking to pretend to be analysis.

Second, I don't think that you or really anyone on the blogosphere is grasping the reason for Rudy's popularity. I don't think that the proper question is "is he right enough". People aren't voting for him because they have decided he is "right enough". The reason people are voting for Rudy is because they have found traits in him that they like and admire that allow them to overlook or frankly not care much about some of the positions that put him at odds with the party.

It was never about is he right enough. He is right enough on everything but the social issues. The question was always if Rudy could show enough other traits to grab enough SoCons to overcome his abortion stance. He has. People appreciate his leadership and effectiveness and lots of Reps are willing to get over some of his left stances because they see that those two traits are the most important.

I am amused by some of the attacks from the right on Rudy, because for every attack by a Conservative I see, there are twice as many by liberals. Every time I see a Conservative claim he is too liberal, there are two liberals claiming he is too conservative. I called it being stuck in the middle. It is amazing how many groups he turns off and yet manages to win all the time. Here is how I saw his campaign.


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