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Saturday, November 10, 2007


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ML Jenkins

The DREAM Act is not just about scholarships! It's about recognizing those individuals who were brought to the US as small children - and consequently educated and socialized within our American social system. They do not know any other system. They are high school graduates, some who may have been star athletes and valedictorians, but all of whom just want to get a job and/or go to college. But because they lack the documentation (US birth certificate) they have no rights after high school. They are no different than the American friends they grew up with, but they are stuck with the stereotype of "illegal." And to become "legal," they must pay thousands of dollars for hopefully, an honest immigration attorney. Otherwise, the threat of deportation is always a fear. And what innocent, inexperienced 18 yr old deserves to be treated in that manner. These kids are innocent victims in the immigration war - which only exists because our business owners and industry leaders rely on the cheap labor of "illegals." Perhaps we should deport those greedy slave mongers instead.

newport drivng school

Great News!

I think this is wonderful. It about time the U.S did something about the illegals. Keep up the good work.

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