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Thursday, November 15, 2007


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i am 19 years old, a CHRISTIAN, and am also an employee of Lowes. and as an employee i get a lot of flack from customers especially around the holidays. If i say merry Christmas i offend a non christian customer but if i say Happy Holidays i offend a Christian customer. and i dare say that growing up we ALL, Christians and non Christians alike all called this holiday Christmas! so what is the big deal? it is what it is... its Christmas. and if you are offended by what a tree is called or the fact that it is called Christmas then why celebrate it? you dont have to...There are so many other issues that deserve attention, why waste so much time on such a small issue such as this!


So, its a "War on Christmas" when it comes to renaming a secular symbol of the holiday? I would think conservatives would call it a "War on Christmas" when the tree becomes more important than the religious symbols, like the cross...just a thought. While I personally think Lowes made a huge mistake by renaming it, I dont think it is a big a mistake that the conservatives are making.

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