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Sunday, December 02, 2007


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Congrats Dan on the well deserved recognition!

The Queen of Inevitability has begun a great slide. I wonder who is going to have to die so she can get back on top... only half kiddin on that one as I put nothing past her.

I would include the bareboned opportunism of the post hostage press conference to her long list of mistakes of late.

 fouse, gary c

A couple of weeks ago, Hillary Clinton's camp let it slip out that they had some dirt on Barack Obama, but they were not going to talk about it in the spirit of maintaining "unity". That kind of reminded me of the old "protection" scheme used by mobsters to protect businesses from....THEM. Well, now the pledge has been broken. Hillary's campaign, seeing Obama take the lead in the Iowa polls, has now "broken" the contract. Howard Wolfson, Clinton's campaign whatever, is now charging that Obama is running a slush fund with his so-called Hopefund-using it to reward local Democrats who give him their endorsement. Of course, if you live in Chicago, you probably know that Obama has had a very questionable financial relationship with local racketeer, Tony Rezco. But the mere fact that Clinton would attack anyone for questionable financial dealings is..well, rather stunning in its hypocrisy.

It doesn't take a political junkie to know that ever since the days of the Clinton administration, the Clintons have had a series of scandals relating to their sources of cold hard cash. If one wants to claim that Charlie Trie, John Huang, Johnnie Chung, the Riadys and all the others were only connected to Bill, go ahead. But what about the Hasidic Jews in New York who were pardoned by Bill as their community delivered almost all of the their votes to Hillary in her Senate campaign, a community that had previously always voted overwhelmingly Republican? What about this Norman Hsu character, who was recently locked up? What about all those cooks and dishwashers in New York's Chinatown who have been donating thousands to Hillary's campaign. Go ahead, Hillary. Throw as mud at Obama as you can-and watch it come flying back.

This may turn out to be the biggest goof by Hillary since the song and dance she put on about drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Anyway, it looks like the Republicans may be able to sit back and watch the fun as voters are reminded what a vicious and corrupt character Hillary Clinton is (as if it were necessary).

gary fouse

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