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Monday, December 31, 2007


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richard blume

Fact is Huckabee is a hibitual liar so in the business of TV Evangelist he will be right at home. He will make a lot of money and this exposure with the campaign is great for him. He will be living in a huge castle just like the other evangelist.
Being from Arkansas his nickname was the Huckster. His smooth talking fooled many but so many things about him and his family would more than embarass the average person.


I forgot one.

"Did Huckabee serve koolaid to Iowans?"

(subtitle: "And did they drink it?")


Good job exposing Huckabee. Other appropriate headlines:

"Huckabee whines as his real past is exposed."

"Huckabee claims unfairness in exposure of his liberal record as Ark Gov."

"Huckabee can't decide if he is conservative or liberal."

Keep 'em coming. ;)

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