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Saturday, December 22, 2007


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Vicki Hampton

You should not speak about the amnesty so harshly that is where Romney gets all his employees from. What about just out and out liars and that is Huckabee and Romney both and if Tancredo is supporting Romney what does that say about him? You support Romney and have the nerve to play the amnesty card when he had illegals doing his yard work,isn't that the pot and kettle effect? Then there is the speech thing what was that now, "oh yeah" he said first that he and his Dad marched with MLK,then he said that no he lied about that part,it was his Dad that marched with MLK and then the actual truth is his Dad never even met MLK let alone marched with him. who said this now "oh yeah" a minister(yeah right).Then when he ain't lying outright he is just plain lying. The JKK speech that he adopted and tweeked and then released to the public as his own and the way he fashions himself after JFK. I have news forv him he is not nor will he ever be in the same universe let alone league as JFK. As for Huckabee he is more of the same just was if that is possible. The padded credentials,the turning raping murders loose who raped and murdered again("oh and by the way did I tell you I'm a christian") and the dirty push-polling that of course he knows nothing about and does not condone in any form or fashion "yeah right". All i can say is that these two above all the rest are suppose to be men of God and have professed to be men of God and look at the examples that they are setting. I am sorry but I can get to Hell all by myself I do not need either of these misfits leading me nor do I want them in a position of power in which they can influence and taint way more than just me.

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