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Monday, January 07, 2008


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Al-Ozarka, the first question they asked the focus group was who was undecided going into the debate. Three-quarters of the room put their hands up. The fourth or fifth question they asked was who supported Romney after the debate. All but five or six raised their hands. That's a hell of a turnaround.

Now it's possible many of those undecideds were leaning toward Romney to begin with, but that makes little difference--it only means he did what he had to to confirm their tentative choice. A weak performance in the debate could have pushed them into someone else's camp.


Dude! The Luntz focus group was made up of Romney activists.

Do a little research for crying out loud!

Romney's polling at 9% nationally. There's good reason for that.

If you trust Romney's word, you're a fool.


There has also been a consensus among me and my friends that Romney won. I think Huckabee is going to lose a huge amount of support now. He already has absolutely no support on www.fittobepres.com, which my friend referred me to a couple of days ago. On it you can rate each candidate on 10 attributes and see their strengths and weaknesses based on everyone's rankings. While I was rating the candidates I noticed that Huckabee isn't even listed!

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