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Monday, January 28, 2008


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Emily Carlson

Final State of the Union - Emily Carlson
It was a modest speech filled with modest proposals.
Last night, President Bush gave his final State of the Union address, an address much different than his past seven.
Gone were the references to Iran as the "axis of evil" and our social security system as "headed towards bancruptcy." Instead of strong words, Bush put forward modest proposals.
The already approved $150 billion economic stimulus plan, $300 million in education funding for poor students, and continued support of the war in Iraq topped Bush's agenda.
Modest clapping and standing ovations scattered his 53 minute speech, but alas... Bush was not the center of attention at his own State of the Union speech.
With only a year left in his presidency, the nation has already turned to a new generation of politicans who are running for his seat.
CNN seemed to be more interested in which senator was snubbing another senator than talking about President Bush's speech.
A picture of Senator Barak Obama turning his back on Senator Hillary Clinton shaking Senator Ted Kennedy's hand was blown up and shown again and again. 'Was he doing this on purpose? Is he mad at Hillary?' seemed to be more important than anything the President was saying.
Senator McCain wasn't even in attendance last night, instead choosing to squeeze in some last minute campaigning before Florida's primary today.
With Americans already swept up in the excitement of Super Tuesday and the race to see who the Democrat and Republican front runner will be, President Bush is pushed in the background. His State of the Union was more of a snapshot of his past seven years as President while he struggles to shape what his legacy will be. Meanwhile, the rest of the politicans in the House chambers, and well as the rest of the nation wonders... who the next leader of the free world will be.
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