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Thursday, February 28, 2008


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No wonder the racial devide never heals! And no wonder people have fallen away from God. Because if James David Manning is a Christian then that is what I NEVER want to be. He is full of venom and hatred and he is a racist! I thought "White Trash" was a long gone phrase, but I see Manning can never let what happened in the past heal. Rev. Manning is like a boil on an ass that just stays festered all the time.....


Blaspemer! These fools are sitting listening to this garbage and don't have the nerve to get up and walk out. It is obvious these people are uncomfortable with what he is preaching, HATE! You can hear the murmuring in the crowd. People go to religious meetings to receive enlightement and hope. This guy has no business talking poltics and claiming he's speaking the word of God. I didn't see Obaba involved with these women. It is obliously paint shop pro. This guy is an Uncle Tom. I hope Hillary is not involved with this guy, because that is turning me off to voting for her.


It is obvious that this guy is a crock! He has no knowledge of the Word and not a shred of the Holey Spirit within him. If Jesus was walking the earth today, he would chastise this man severely, as he did the pharises. Please, my black brothers and sisters, don't follow this bumbling idiot. Read your bible for yourselves, that you be not decieved. The Kingdom of Heaven is near, so root your selves in the truth.
Obama may not be perfect, but he is none of the things that this jealous and hateful man says he is. Let us all pray for him and his followers, that they be saved and repent of thier ways.

Denise from Maryland

I can not believe a grown man could be so IGNORANT. I would rather have Mexicans taking my jobs and writing my paychecks if it means that you would be cleaning the toilets (because YOU) think that we are STUPID people. You are using the Bible as slavemasters use to use it. WHAT IS YOUR REAL AGENDA? Massa Clinton gave you some money and you still are grateful. What does that have to do with anything?

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