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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


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Lisa P

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Like 'exposing' Obama is going to change what?

For the last seven and a half years President Bush has been a prime example of engaging in 'tolerance and respect' and this has gotten him and his party where exactly?

Considering McCain has only raised $14 million last month(a minor amount relative to what Obama raised) his campaign had better wake up to the idea that the Left is vicious and when they say 'by any means necessary' they mean it in whatever heart and soul they have remaining.

President Bush played nice for seven and a half years and he is now the most demonized man in the world.

What makes McCain believe things will be any different for him? Because he reached across the aisle embracing Global Warming fraud or utters populist rhetoric like 'going after the greedy CEOs"? Is McCain going to insist the 'greedy CEOs' at Anheuser-Busch be brought up before Congress demanding answers for why they have earned extreme profit off poor beer drinkers?

Perhaps instead of trying to convince his party to fall in line, McCain would do well to convince himself that upholding Conservative principles always win elections.

If Obama is the Democrat's Carter, I cannot help but think that McCain is the Republican's Nixon.

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