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Saturday, April 05, 2008


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With all due respect, a monger is one who sells something. McCain sold war with Iraq, and is trying to sell (at least the possibility of) war with Iran.

Anyone can say that they detest war, and it's good that McCain said that war was detestable. But his actions can legitimately be called "warmongering".

Dan Spencer

Tom, it was CNN that said Kerry started it, not me.

Tom Hilton

Why can't we just have a civilized debate about important issues, such as the war Islamic extremists continue to wage against us?
In other words, 'why doesn't everyone just adopt a thoroughly bogus framing that benefits my side'?

Sorry, but...no.

Also, if you honestly believe Kerry was more negative than Bush and his surrogates, you were watching a different election than the one that actually happened.

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