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Friday, May 23, 2008


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"are we ready to again try and achieve comprehensive immigration reform?"


Our border is not secure.
We have no method for denying citizens benefits to illegal aliens.
We haven't modified the 14th Ammendment to keep anchor babies from being used to stop deportation.

In short, until we can keep Americans from being hurt by illegal immigration, we shouldn't have "comprehensive immigration reform". Comprehensive immigration reform would not be "progress". It would lead to the destruction of thousands of other communities like mine. I used to be able to speak English to the people in my neighborhood. I used to be able to get quick service at the hospital emergency room. I used to be able to brag that the local schools were some of the best in the nation, and that serious crime happened elsewhere. Then the illegal aliens changed all that, forever, for the worse. The "experts" say our population is going to go up by 150 million people over the next 50 years or so, yet my generation was told over and over to limit the size of our families. Illegal immigration is great for the illegal immigrant, but it destroys the fabric of the community that is unfortunate enough to be tolerant of outsiders. If we can seal the border and keep them off the public dole, we can talk. We had "immigration reform" in 1987 when my neighborhood was "multicultural". Since then it has become "Mexican". (not my word, that is what they call themselves, they don't call themselves "Hispanic").

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