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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Everybody who wants to build his own meanings - Plz watch this videos !
(to cut a long story short)

Part 1


Part 2



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This election is for voting to elect a HERO or ZERO. A candidate for STRAIGHT TALK or JIVE TALK. We find that the head of the Nigerian Stock Exchange collected $630,000 dollars at a lavish dinner in Lagos, Nigeria to send to Nigerian/American relatives to influence the election for Obama. Nigeria is a MUSLIM nation. I say vote for McCain and Sarah Barracuda!


Obama has a tricky tightrope to walk here. If he appears with Muslims, especially in a Mosque, that video will be used against him, not by the McCain camp, but somewhere. It'll show up in an Internet email to "confirm" that he is a Muslim. But, that's all the more reason why he needs to tackle this head-on. Those that believe that he is a Muslim are not voting for him anyway, and he should realize this and not shy away. There is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, unless you also are advocating terrorism or the overthrow of our government, which I do not think is happening in the vast, vast, vast majority of American mosques.

The only connection to Islam that Obama has is his father. I do find it ironic that he has managed to get a lot of mileage from his father's skin color, but this aspect is brushed under the rug.

I do need to ask "coulterfan" if that name is somewhat tongue-in-cheek given the content of their comment? It seems Palin is the kind of candidate that is right up Ann's alley (check out Coulter's September 3rd article).


I'm assuming that giving such a speech would convince you to vote for Obama? If not, what is your motivation?

Sure, I would like Palin to give a speech about her extreme religious views. I would like her to also state that her religion will not influence her policy, and that one can be a great American patriot while an atheist.

Giving such a speech would make me feel better about the possibility that she becomes VP. However, such a speech would not convince me to vote for her. This is why she will not give such a speech- it would do her no good and could, in fact, do a great deal of harm.

Heck, I would rather our candidates keep their faith to themselves and focus on policy.

And I would be happy to just see Palin give interviews on MTP, FoxNews Sunday, etc. THere are a lot of questions about her record and positions which need to be clarified.


Agreed, wholeheartedly. I think this is one of the best posts you've ever put up.

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