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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


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You are the dummies!
Sarah was right on and put the heckler in his place!
Our Military's sole responsibilty is to protect our rights and freedoms. So how can you say that Palin's son is not fighting for the heckler's right to freedom of speech. You are the dummies if you are that short sighted and small witted. Open your eyes, ears, and brain if you have one!


Dido to the comment.

NOTHING IN IRAQ that the American Military is doing is or was protecting MY RIGHTS and Privileges as an American here in the United States.

Yes you dummies will fall for anything.

If you vote repub we deserve what we get

You dummies will fall for anything. First of all we are NOT fighting for the right to protest. Ofcourse you idiots fall for it. Secondly the hecklers DAUGTHER was KILLED in Iraq. So ignorant you all are.

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