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Saturday, December 27, 2008


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alex garcia

mexican and canadian citizens can at least run. the palastinians have no place to go(its like shooting fish in a barrel) plus how many of the 250 killed are hamas. the are all civilians.


Not all Jews are Zionists. Please remember that. I am a secular Jew and I am mortified by Israel's actions.


"wtf you effing Nazi", thanks Steve johnson for announcing to the rest of us that you are incapable of making an argument that does not include language used by a 6th grader! Palestinians (ie Hamas) have been lobbing rockets and other explosives over into Israeli territory and had been warned to stop. If Canada or Mexico were routinly dropping bombs into our nation, maiming and killing innocents civilians and / or destroying property, best believe our government and our citizens would respond. Israel , and other independent nations / states have the same right to defend themselves, thier property and their civilians way of life.
Also, the Israeli government did not barricade the palestines; they simply would not allow terrorists free reign. Food and medical was allowed. However, if they proponents of the "religion of perpetual outrage" ever made good on the treasties and peace keeping talks they signed, they wouldn't have to be so limited. Look around the world mister; wherever large populations of arabs, or people groups ruled by Islam abound, their is always mass killings, political unrest and instability.

Steve Johnson

WTF you effing Nazi. The Hamas didn't break the ceasefire, Israel did! Check your sources. It wasn't Jews that were barricaded for months in Gaza. It's the Zio-Nazi state taking care business before Obama comes to power. You Moron.

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