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Monday, June 01, 2009


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caro cultura

well, normally the government will take into account which costs more: the backrupcy and thereafter compensation for workers out of employees and then fix the bailout sum. Operatively mega corporations such as GM can't change their models of revenues over night, for me this kind of bailout's not going to resolve a long-term problem and the water in the pool gets dried soon again. there should be first persuasive plans from the company, and then people talk about bailout.

marco  modem wifi

i agree with you Tim... I´m exetited to see what happens now with all this story... i hope all will go well.

Alejandro Seguros Coche

You are right Tim! Let's see what happens :)


Gee, look at what the unions have done for us now ! I wouldn't care if they all went bankrupt. They deserve it. When you hear stories of workers sitting on there rumps making $70.00 an hour pushing buttons. And there are people in this country starving ! I'll buy a Japanese car any day.

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