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Thursday, December 10, 2009


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Jonathan Bruce

I am an American. So are you. Let’s talk.

I hold no position of authority. I am not possessed of great wealth. I seek no notoriety. I am not funded by any organization or religious denomination. I am not a devotee of “talk radio.” I am neither a racist nor a homophobe nor a misogynist. I have never participated in any political event or as a member of any political party. I am simply an American who, until this moment, has remained silent.

Until now.

I don’t want anything from you. Nothing. I simply want to communicate with you, one citizen to another, about the peril we face as Americans. My statement to you is this: Our nation is being ripped to shreds from within and it is no accident…

At the end of the war in Vietnam, a group of highly-motivated, well-organized radicals (largely based at several renowned universities) proclaimed its agenda for the future. Their mission was far-reaching: they would infiltrate and occupy all of the major institutions of the nation and remake America into a socialist state.

I was there. I went to their rallies. I felt their rage. I heard their speeches. I read their literature. They meant every word of their declaration to “change” America. Forty years on, they’re close to keeping their promise. They were the vanguard of a movement that has now taken captive our government, our media, our schools and our legal system.

This is a group of people so extremely far from the mainstream of America that I can hardly describe them, except to say that they are driven by a deep-seeded anger, a rage, and a hatred of America that only a psychiatrist could explain. Their most effective allies have been our apathy, our ignorance and our sense of helplessness. Make no mistake: they are exceptionally well-funded, well-organized and highly, highly motivated…and you know them by their actions. Labels are unnecessary.

In the past forty years, they have given us the brainwashing of “political correctness.” They have imposed “multiculturalism and diversity” in order to shred both our national identity and the territorial sovereignty of the country: our borders are intentionally porous. They have, by design, enacted legislation that has wrought havoc upon the family. They have created a welfare state that has ensnared the American black on a scale far worse than the evil of slavery. They have destroyed public education and replaced it with a program of social indoctrination and cultural engineering. They have created a cult of “victimization” – pitting citizen against citizen and family against family. They have undermined every effort to defend the nation at home and abroad. They have invented the “global climatic crisis” in an effort to destroy capitalism. They have attempted to vilify our founding fathers as racist imperialists and have demonized all that has been “America” ever since our Declaration of Independence was first pronounced.

They have enlisted the money and resources of the media in their cause—and the wealthy, witless jesters from Hollywood and the New York media have gladly danced along. They have made religion the source of scorn and ridicule. They have purposely confused “tolerance” with “endorsement” and have built a society where the bizarre and grotesque are presented as normal. They have entrenched the slaughter of unborn children as an article of their faith. They have created a culture where parents are afraid to discipline their own children. They have stolen our tax dollars to purchase the votes of the ill-educated and unfortunate among us, to say nothing of the illegal immigrant population. They have attempted to strip citizens of their arms. They have tried to re-write and misinterpret the Constitution; a document that was designed to limit—not enhance—the power of government.

Most insidiously, they have implemented an Orwellian “new speak” which has turned wrong into right and right into wrong.

I ask you, are we truly a “nation?” We are not if we do not share common faith, culture and language, worship the same God, revere the same heroes, cherish the same history, celebrate the same holidays and share the same music, poetry, art and literature?

In other words if “diversity” reigns, then “unity” dies.

In other words, “divide and conquer.”

In other words, their goal is to divide us and subjugate us in a totalitarian state where our freedoms are denied, our individuality is stripped and our personal liberties are extinguished. Whether you like it or not…whether you choose to believe it or not…they’re close to achieving that goal.

Now, they want to fully socialize our medical system, to “nationalize” every major private institution in our economy, to destroy small business, to impose a crushing tax burden upon people who actually work. Ultimately, they seek to obliterate our sovereignty and enslave every citizen to the will of the state.

Want a glimpse of your immediate future? Take a look at California, New York and Michigan. All bankrupt. Civil services and economies in ruin; anarchy standing at the gate.

Perhaps you ask “Why?” our enemies have undertaken this campaign against us. The answer is simple: They condescendingly believe themselves intellectually and morally superior and they want to control us. More than that, they simply hate America.

True patriots must now arise and fight back because our liberty and our very existence as an American people are at stake. Simply rationalizing that the destruction of our nation “could never happen” is the first step toward enslavement.

We can begin to reclaim America by reading our Constitution. People have died to protect our right to do so. But if that task is too burdensome, try reading the first ten Amendments, our Bill of Rights: it will amaze and astonish you. Then, absorb as much as we can from others. Read and listen to all points of view and think critically and independently. For God’s sake (and ours) talk to one another: pick up the phone, write a letter, access the Internet, stand on your roof and shout! Champion liberty and freedom and all that once made America great. Proclaim the inherent greatness of the United States. More than any other weapon, our brains will protect us if only we use them.

After that, take action and VOTE. Until our totalitarian enemies strip us of that right, we can exercise our right to choose our leaders (who are, in fact, our servants.) Government is supposed to work for us, not the reverse.

Finally, if all else fails, remember Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. So, allow yourself to think the unthinkable and be mentally and physically and spiritually prepared to answer the call when it comes. Hundreds of thousands of patriots have done so before us. Can we do any less today? I think not.

Buy a gun, learn how to use it.

If, as I believe, we stand at the precipice of a Second American Revolution, then let it begin here and now with you and me. Now is the time to declare that we truly stand in defense of our nation, our country and our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

May God in heaven bless the United States of America, but it is now up to us to rise and defend her.

I call you to action!

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