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Monday, January 04, 2010


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I think the stimulus package was a great idea at first but i am regretting it now. The money is not being spent properly which i thought would happen.
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Edd Jobs

I thought this was a thread about the impact (or lack of) Obama's stimulus pending on the growing unemployment crisis. It seems to be an unrelated discussion so far.

Anyway, just to play devil's advocate, the bulk of the proposed stimulus spending has to wind its way through the federal acquisition and procurement process. That means that before spending can begin, federal agencies have to determine what exactly they're going to spend the money for. They have to write requirements documents that define and describe the functional needs that the goods and/or services acquired have to meet. They have to set out those requirements in a written Statement of Work. They have to publish a solicitation so that multiple contractors and vendors have an opportunity to submit bids. In all probability, the solicitation will be "performance based" so as to provide vendors with the chance to propose alternative methods or products that meet the government's needs while providing a better value. The proposals then have to be evaluated by an objective Technical Evaluation Panel, which rates the proposals received against the SOW requirements. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The bureaucratic process moves slowly and carefully. Always has. There MAY yet be some significant job growth out of this spending. Not saying there will be, just saying there might.

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