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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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You leftists need to stop rationalizing here. In 2005 the Dems were actually correct on the issue with respect to filibuster and passage of legislation along standard and accepted operating procedures of the Senate. Now that the Dems are majority those same principles can be dismissed because the shoe is on the other foot?


John Adams

Reconciliation was invented by the Republicans. Furthermore, it is the Republicans that have used it most often. The Republicans are the party of "No." All the Democrats are doing is trying to get something done. What really needs to be done here is to indict the Republican Party for treason.


You realize the "nuclear option" the Dems were talking about then isn't reconciliation, right?

And that use of reconciliation couldn't possibly be "ignoring precedent" given the number of times it was used under Bush, right?


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