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Thursday, February 25, 2010


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British and Proud

I am often appalled by the American President's undermining comments in general about Britain, our leaders and other matters, considering the devastating effect his comments can make in regard to stock markets, world opinion etc.
I was against our joining in the Iraq war but we were pulled into it undemocratically, for whatever reasons and motives the decision makers may have had at the time. I think people forget we are a small country with far fewer taxpayers than many others, expensive welfare systems and multitudes of other humanitarian expenses (I work for our National Health service), so our recession has had far deeper effects than in other countries. The war in the middle east has cost us dearly in both terms of life and economy and we are more vulnerable now than we have ever been. yet we still believe in loyalty.
In return, the british people hear nothing but criticism and lack of support and gratitude from this man - I wish he would think more about what he says about us.
I hear the hero-worship the public and the media give this man, but personally, I think he has damaged us shamefully- I can see more gaffes being aimed at us previously and in years to come than Bush was ever capable of!
I wish the people of the US would get past the wonderful prospect and milestone that has ben gained from their first non-white leader and see instead what, as a person he is doing to my poor beleagered country.
Shame on him.


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I understand the argument that Britain has given full support to America for the war in Afghanistan, however is it not possible that by being neutral in this dispute, America is only hoping to mediate the situation? It was noted in the Times article that the 'British officials in Washington said that they were comfortable with the US response to the dispute', also quoting Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, 'To compare the way we dealt with the issues in 1982 with today is nonsense.' This for me, gives the impression that although it is not desirable - Britain is not severing ties with America on this issue? It is an undesirable situation, but it won't be one to ruin a historical alliance?

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